Nokia 5310 - opera mini browser problem - unable to connect to network


  Nokia Series40 2.0 connectivity issues  Applicable for Nokia 3220, 5140, 6021, 6101, 6170, 6230, 6230i If you are having problems starting the opera mini browser - sowewhat halts or freezes then you get "...unable to connect to network..."  message. Follow these instructions to resovle the problem.            

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Configuration
  3. Personal Configuration Settings.
  4. Add New - from Options menu.
  5. Scroll down - choose the Access point and select. (option not avalible for Nokia 3220 -  instead go to Services)
  6. Don 't  choose WEB option.
  7. Access point Settings
  8. Bearer settings
  9. Packet data access point
  10. Enter APN adress corresponding to your provider. Then Ok (could be the same one that is used for WAP browsing)
  11. Back the Personal configurations settings menu. There you see Access Point selected.
  12. Options - Activate is Access Point.
  13. Done.

Let me know if this helped.