2015 Employment trends


  • In our century, people tend to change employment frequently, for an average of three years.
  • Computer skills are absolutely necessary.
  • We are leaving at the Software revolution age. Employers expect employers to have recent and updated knowledge regarding software programs and systems.
  • Compensation is nowadays very much related to education.
  • Statistics say that women are very success full in higher positions.
  • A lot of jobs can be found in hidden market.
  • Most open positions get never published or advertised.
  • Businesses are now reorganizing rapidly in order to achieve low cost and high efficiency.
  • Competition for low skill positions is higher than ever.
  • The demand for Information Technology professionals is expected to increase.
  • Small business offer more jobs in total, than large corporations.

  The keys for the 21st century we live are:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Small companies might be a better place to work - they might also offer more opportunities.
  • Always be Technology aware.

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