Apple IPhone Vs Android

There is a lot going on, regarding communication, nowadays. Sometimes, we cannot even function, without our mobile phones. They have become a necessity, a must have, an absolutely important device for our living.

We need to communicate with our family, our friends, our co-workers, we need to be accessible and able to access anyone at any time! Yes.

It is really a miracle, how we managed to survive some 15-20 years ago without them: Our
mobile phones!

Back then, we did not have to keep searching for our expensive devices all the time, whether we are sitting in a Café, a restaurant, or even our own home. Too bad! We did not have to care about phones so much:

  • · Taking care so that it is always completely reloaded.
  • · Place it anywhere but not there, where something could happen to it.
  • · Protecting it from theft
  • · Oh!, and now, we always have to remember to take it with us before living home.

We care about our mobile phones even more than our own people,

Back then, we could also live with less money. You see, we did not have to pay monthly fees, for the "super mobile provider", let alone the cost of the device itself! Hundreds of Euros or Dollars or whatever you pay your bills with, "…gone with the wind" of cellular technology"!

Back then, we were living home for work, and only as soon as we arrived at our offices, Only Then! Could we make or take a single phone call. What a disaster that was! Our relationships with people, friends, family and colleagues where even better too!

What a shame back then! We could not even "text" others through our mobile phones. We even had to communicate more in person!

Today? Internet access, Mobile apps, money to spend more and more. Endless consumption.

Well some would think this article would be a nice comparison between technologies. I am sorry to get your attention after all, but this has also been my intention.

Technology is great. It would be even greater if we used it by the right way. Stop investing in the medium and concentrate on the benefits. Sometimes, less, is better.

Thank you for reading.


-Oh… Yes, I do possess a mobile phone too!)