Cloud - new Information Technology terminology

Here is some „modern“ Information Technology terminology that goes around a lot these days.

If you have any suggestions or additions to make, feel free to comment.


  • CDN

Cloud Distribution Network

  • Cloud broker

agent connecting between a client and cloud service provider.

  • Cloud management platform

Tools that help you build a cloud service. Some examples are: OpenStack, CloudStack vCloud.

  • Encryption  / Cloud encryption key

A huge  Random number used like a password, to encrypt and protect whatever is stored in cloud storages.

  • Cloud Architecture

Designing and building  cloud applications, using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

  • Cloud provider

Organizations offering Cloud services

  • Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Database running on a cloud infrastructure.

  • Hybrid cloud

a Combination of private Cloud running within an organizations’ Computer Center and an external Cloud running outside an organizations’ Computer Center.

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