How to deal with difficult situations. Here is some (ONE) good advice.

We all know that inevitably, as long as we have to deal with people, we will also have to deal with situations that are more difficult to resolve, than any other usual, every-day task. We have all been there.  

Under “normal” circumstances we all have our very well known “standard” ways and methods, to deal with most problems or incidents that might occur.

But what happens, after all the “right” methods and tools we are aware of, are just not enough to resolve a situation? Additionally, what we most probably do, is putting together all our knowledge and professional experience and still, no positive outcome.

There certainly are many suggestions, advices, tutorials that could help us become even better and much more effective, but still, this will never be enough.

There will always be more to learn and more to deal with.

So, my ONE good advice for this is: perspective.

Whomever you have to deal with, whatever the problem, wherever and whenever it happens, always try to See Things from a Different Perspective.

Put yourself in the place of the otherPerson, Company, Team whatever, and you will suddenly realize a different view of things and aspects, which you never have thought yourself before.

No matter if you are 100% right, or even if everything is just so simple and straight forward to understand, or even if this is a true win-win situation for all sides, you will at least realize  you were missing some points, that were important to the other side.

Of course, this is just a suggestion. I am sure most of us, could think of many more other alternatives or even more suitable suggestions to resolve any kind of difficult situations.

I do think though that seeing things by another Perspective, is ONE good advice.