Internet socializing hazards.

…don ‘t get “caught” on the web

  1. Whatever you publish, photos, text, messages  can be easily copied and used, by those which you allow to read/have access to your publications, and also those that can easily “hack” your account and use all the information they find.
  2. Whatever you publish, even if you delete it afterwards, it still remains on several – hundreds of  servers in the world. It is also copied on other backup systems. So, after a month, or even years, what you think was “deleted”, still remains on several systems – even without your permission or acknowledgement.
  3. Your location, home address, where you were, what you have been doing, whom you were with, can be easily revealed, simply by cross – references made from systems designed to do this.
  4. Your kids family and relatives, even though they might have never published or done anything on the Internet, are affected directly by the above facts as well.
  5. When “writing” or publishing anything on the Internet, remember: it is not only like that you are shouting in a room full of people, (through publishing) so that everyone knows. Even worse, it is like revealing your information to the whole “Internet World” and then, everyone is in the position to do whatever they like with your photos, images, wishes, “moods”, discussions etc.

Social media is not bad. We just have to remember that,

  • It can be used wisely, in a positive way
  • but there might be also unpredictable and unwanted results.

So, Be well! in this big Cyberspace, but always prefer the role of the wise…..

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