IT Infrastructure Security, an on – going process

IT Infrastructure Security, an on – going process.
Protecting business network architecture has become extremely critical. 
Today most IT Managers are looking forward to establish distributed IT environments, in order to increase but also maintain availability, and reduce costs. At the same time they are continuously trying to solve the problem of technical resources.          Rules are applied, tested, since this is essential for mission critical projects. When things go wrong one has to be ready to deal and act according to known and well established procedures that have been setup for any problem that might  occur.
Technology never stops improving. For example 4G networks are already out there, bringing higher speeds, faster than 3G.

Nevertheless,Firms all over the world should know enough before using them. Protection, Security, Hacking Prevention, Business Continuity is all that matters mostly at any case.
Another “modern” concern is Virtual Applications.
These are applications especially used on Virtual Infrastructures. Most of them are web-based which brings up a lot of security issues since they are easily accesses by anyone. On the other side of course, authorized users can  use, Input, Manipulate, Process,   and Synchronize Information for the benefit of their companies or even their own. Here are some examples of Business Application Servers

  • Microsoft Exchange Server,
  • SAP,
  • Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • There are also a lot of custom applications which usually involve a
  • Web server
  • Database server
  • Development Libraries and Framework server
  • and the Application.

In order to apply security for such virtual environments, special frameworks need to be deployed.
They operate at the virtualization layer in the data center and are used to connect to the physical data.
This way additional requirement, scalability, for multitenant environments are also addressed.

Cloud Computing Models Security is another concern regarding application virtualization and adoption. Applying the same Security Strategy of pre-existing  physical environments is not advisable, since this can cause serious limitations for virtualization and will not adjust accordingly for environments with applications and data within Virtual Server Environments.  

It is very obvious that Security is a Continuous and on-going Project during the life of a firm or organization.