Leaders and Followers

Leaders and Followers, Managers and Subordinates.

In our everyday life, we have most often seen privileged people, in higher ranking positions in various different areas and occasions.
On the other side, there is the “unknown”, average, middle class population with much less benefits and less important roles.
So, we can initially define two major categories. Followers & Leaders or Managers and Subordinates.

Some, would define as a “Leader”, a person that stands out, with more influence, more capabilities and knowledge than the average person.
For some others, “good Leaders”, are also those, that care a lot for their fellow citizens, the members of their society, and their co-workers as well.

At this point, it would be very interested for you as a reader, to ask yourself, spontaneously: Which category do I belong to?
Then you should try to think all of these factors, that place you in that specific category. So, what do you think of yourself?

After having made this thought (of self-revelation), those that have declared themselves as,
1.     Leaders Are automatically filled with feelings like being proud, importance and several steps (if not thousands) ahead from others.
2.    Followers   May be filled with feelings, like rejection, low self-esteem, feeling lower and less important than others.  
At any case, both perspectives couldn’t be more wrong.  

Imagine a world with Leaders and no followers (or subordinates).

  • There would be nobody, to carry out things that have to be done, no one would to do the hard work.
  • There would be no lesser people, to follow Leaders, then, there would be no diversity, no difference between Leaders and non-Leaders as they would all be the same. Just Leaders.

  Now, imagine a world with Followers & Subordinates only, but no Leaders (or Managers).

  • There would be nobody to lead, no one to show the way.
  • There would be only “lesser” but no one to Follow, and then again, there would be no diversity, no difference between Subordinates and non-Subordinates as they would all be the same. Just Followers.

The above two perspectives lead us to the following conclusion. Both are needed as well. Both are important as well.
Both have their own role and meaning of existence. Of course, one might say, a Follower is always easier to replace, since there are a lot of them.
Leaders are less, therefore harder to find.
So, it is always better and more important being a Leader, than a Follower.

At this point, we should think of the additional factors and values of individuals,  persons or personalities as well.

This means, that, there are many other characteristics, talents, special features that one should value, when it comes
to each specific member of a team, society or working environment.
Therefore, each member, co-worker, person, individual or personality is one of its kind and irreplaceable at any case.
So, by this perspective, Leaders or Followers, Followers or Leaders, are both, part of the same entity.
They just have a different function.

Now let us think of all those “supposed to be” Leaders
All those that have no Leader characteristic but still, are positioned and wrongly accepted as Leaders.
Not only they cannot carry out anything or do the job and tasks of a Leader, but also endanger the rest of the people.

On the other hand, when a native Leader, is not properly recognized and accepted, one can imagine the big loss of value, investment and time for the whole “entity”.

Even by this perspective of course, Leaders, are still rewarded much better financially, have more benefits, material goods and a much higher level of “social status”.

On the other hand this has nothing to do with well-being and prosperity, since as nowadays revealed,
in most working environments, money, material goods, etc., are considered less important than pleasant working environments and good relationships between employees.  

What do you think?