The phenomenon of migration in Europe nowadays

After the 40s and especially regarding the economic migrants from 1960 to 1970, this was a "natural" result after a war where everything had been demolished from enemies and conquerors.
However, after a while, many of these hardworking and prolific people, returned, bringing back home, money and prosperity.
Returning to their own homeland has been always in their mind. Now they depart again. Most of them are very young, productive and worthy people.

The difference between then and today, is that no-one will trust fake "homelands " anymore.
Their “homelands” seem to be full of homeless in the streets, gangs bullying, in familial desperation and gangs at every level.
Lands with no concrete education system for 30 years, non-existent health system and a “less than zero” welfare state.

There is a saying:
- You should not think what you can do for your "country", but realize what your “country” did to you!

For those fleeing: Anyone who wants, can!
There is also another saying: Isn’t life a journey ?

In an anecdote Kontantinos Kanaris (Greek warrior - 1821) appears to say: " ... and so, I kept going forward! "

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