Protect yourself against EMF -Electromagnetic Field Radiation-

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Did you know that there is a way to protect yourself against EMF (Electromagnetic Field Radiation)? If you search around Internet you, will find devices that neutralize radiation. This also works for cellphones. This will protect your brain being exposed while you are making call from your cellphone......


Folder icon appears with a lock icon

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How to remove the Lock Icon appearing on a Windows Folder Icon.

This means that you are the only one that can access this folder. This is good for your own security.

All files within this folder will be visible only to you and no other user of this computer.

Nevertheless, if you wish to change this, ....


Android Tablet, Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad and other

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We are living in the days of communication.

Each household is spending a lot of money in mobile phones,Tablets, mobile devices and other related accessories.

Nevertheless, these do not seem to be a living necessity or must have at most cases.

Following, you will find some useful points to help you evaluate and decide the best possible option,

for your own needs in case of Tablets  ....more....



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