iPad vs Android comparison

Emerging technologies like iPad and Android, also bring along a lot of confusion, specially to regular - everyday users.

Because regular users sometimes, simply do not really understand / comprehend the benefits and appropriate usage of such technologies.

The next upcoming questions are something like:

  • Which one is the best?
  • which Option is the right for me?
  • How much does it Cost?

Here is a comparison table that could help regular users understand and set their personalized criteria regarding the right choice that needs to be made.

iPad vs Android   Technology
Features & Choices   iPad   Android
Widgets   static   excellent
Email notification   average   excellent
Voice commands and translations   average   good
Multitasking - running more than one applications at the same time average   excellent
Desktop-like browsing   good   excellent
File access to your pictures, videos etc. poor   excellent
Licensing/application policy   restricted/install only approved prorams   totally free
Features/choices/customization potential good   excellent

With Androids there are also much cheaper options/alternatives in the market that with Apple 's iPad.

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