What makes a Leader, and what makes you, a follower

In our daily business life, we have all met people, that happened to be more intelligent than others (IQ above average?). Sometimes, some of them, where being promoted as well, to higher positions as “Leaders” with a lot of benefits. Their salaries exceed what we would call a “normal” income. In many cases, these people, turn to be a big failure. On the other hand, sometimes promotions are done for people that would not separate themselves from the average daily worker. Though those, are people, with normal intellectual abilities, (average IQ scoring) the result is quite different. Their career improves tremendously. Not only they do not fail, but also gain a lot,  on their way to success. Sometimes, this is because those people were really meant to be Leaders. They are not experts, or “rocket scientists”. They simply, have everything they need to make other believe in them, and finally, follow them. They are then, being followed by the experts, “rocket scientists”, by other successful people, intelligent people, and all those that they happen to inspire. You see nowadays, there is also another term widely known. It is called Emotional Intelligence. Higher IQ or other skills do not seem to be enough when it comes to Leadership. Leaders, are people that can motivate, inspire others and at the same time gain their respect and belief. They are those that are open to change, have their own visions, have a strong will to achieve things, are very persuasive and at the same time control their own emotions and acts. Leadership has nothing to do with ethics. History has proved that Leadership is a gift, with no relevance to someone‘s religion, beliefs or ethics. Leaders have followers. If you ever happened to agree with a person, do what he/she told you, or, acted according to someone’s suggestions or directions, then you have more or less, become a follower to a person that has inspired you. This person was a Leader, and you just “followed” because, this is what you felt, was right for you. Next time in your daily life, you can question yourself about your own behavior and also the behavior of others, when it comes to situations of working, or being together with other people, friends, co-workers or even your family. Someone always, takes the role of the leader and others always, just follow.