Leaders and Followers

Followers and Leaders, Managers and Subordinates.
In our everyday life, we have most often seen privileged people, in higher ranking positions in various different areas and occasions.
On the other side, there is the “unknown”, average, middle class population with much less benefits and less important roles..


Skype Video not coming through the other side, Video Problems, Other side can't see me on Skype

If you are having problems with Skype Video like the following:

  • Skype video not working when connected.
  • Video not coming through the other side.  
  • Ηaving Video Problems.
  • Other side can't see me on Skype.

If you still have not found a solution then try this simple solution....more  


Linkedin Who's Viewed Your Profile missing


If "who's Viewed Your Profile" is missing and nothing is displayed,

be sure you have logged off from all other devices, mobile phone etc. and then follow these steps

  1. Open Privacy & Settings

  2. Account

  3. Manage security settings

  4. Check Secure connection

  5. Turn on or off "Two-step verification for sign-in"


Six Sigma

Today most European countries find themselves still struggling, within the storm of financial and social crisis. Nevertheless, it is quite amazing, how many tools and methodologies were available before and after, that could help avoid the sequences of

  • Bad Management,
  • No Control,
  • and  missing  Systemic Corrective Procedures.

Six Sigma is one of the most known and proven Business Management Strategies. Six Sigma is a Business Performance Methodology widely adapted, and used by most successful companies and organizations. Six Sigma has already been used to improve results within companies/organizations, regarding quantity and quality of products and services.

Linkedin Discussion: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Six-Sigma-demands-high-level-4671368%2ES%...



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