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Information Systems security and recovery

Nowadays the terms “security” and “safety” are referenced a lot specially by the media. Unfortunately in computing environments – such as we all live in-, the lack of correct study and analysis in order to apply security and safety is also very often. Regarding computer security ......


Computer Systems Security - Network Security

    Following are the main considerations regarding computer and network security.  

  • Data leakage prevention to unauthorized persons.
  • Keep Information Confidentiality
  • Unauthorised access to data/sysems
  • System - data Integrity and consistency

  At the same time.... more


IPAD comparison


  Ipad Ipad with 4g Ipad2 Ipad2 with 3g

Oper. System

Camera 3 mp 3 mp 0.3 mp 0.3 mp)
GPS av - available - available
Wi-Fi available available available available
3G - 3G & 4G support - available
Storage Capac. 16gb - 64 gb 16gb - 64 gb 16 gb 16 gb
Memory card - - - -
Price $500 - $700 $630-$830 $400 $530
Screen 9.7 inch. 9.7 inch. 9.7 inch. 9.7 inch.
Battery 10 hrs 10 hrs 10 hrs 10 hrs



Social sitters

Today, technology grows very fast and demands more time and effort to keep up with.
Whoever is involved in design, creation, and maintenance on the web, and specially social networking,
will have more options and chances for  their carreers within the next years. People specialised ... read more...



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