What makes a Leader, and what makes you, a follower

In our daily business life, we have all met people, that happened to be more intelligent than others (IQ above average?). Sometimes, some of them, where being promoted as well, to higher positions as “Leaders” with a lot of benefits. Their salaries exceeded what we would call a “normal” income. In many cases, these people turned to be a big failure. In other cases, promotions are done, for people that would not separate themselves from the average daily worker. Though those, were people, with normal intellectual abilities, (average IQ scoring) the result has been quite different. Their career started to improve tremendously. Not only they did not fail, but also gained a lot,  on their way to success.


Leaders and Followers

Followers and Leaders, Managers and Subordinates.
In our everyday life, we have most often seen privileged people, in higher ranking positions in various different areas and occasions.
On the other side, there is the “unknown”, average, middle class population with much less benefits and less important roles..


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