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We are living in the days of communication.

Each household is spending a lot of money in mobile phones,Tablets, mobile devices and other related accessories.

Nevertheless, these do not seem to be a living necessity or must have at most cases.

Following, you will find some useful points to help you evaluate and decide the best possible option,

for your own needs in case of Tablets  ....more....


IPAD comparison


  Ipad Ipad with 4g Ipad2 Ipad2 with 3g

Oper. System

Camera 3 mp 3 mp 0.3 mp 0.3 mp)
GPS av - available - available
Wi-Fi available available available available
3G - 3G & 4G support - available
Storage Capac. 16gb - 64 gb 16gb - 64 gb 16 gb 16 gb
Memory card - - - -
Price $500 - $700 $630-$830 $400 $530
Screen 9.7 inch. 9.7 inch. 9.7 inch. 9.7 inch.
Battery 10 hrs 10 hrs 10 hrs 10 hrs



iPad vs Android comparison

Emerging technologies like iPad and Android, also bring along a lot of confusion, specially to regular - everyday users.

Because regular users sometimes, simply do not really understand / comprehend the benefits and appropriate usage of such technologies...


Age of Technology, or Computer driven Age?

Nowadays, technology has the major role in almost every aspect of our life.

To be more specific, computerized systems are all over wether we are aware of it or not.

Domestic appliances, cars, phones, our office and non-office working environments, depend and operate,
according to computers, software applications, artificial intelligense, embedded systems and devices......

.......Products and technologies like iPAD, iPOD, Apple MacBook, Blackberry phones, mobile computing, Tablet PC 's
GPs devices, Internet, Google - we all know, Java applications, androids ......




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